Property Maintenance

At Excelsior Power Cleaning we render this yearly maintenance service  “At Competitive Pricing” for condominiums, town houses, villas and all commercial properties. and our area of coverage includes : Broward County, Palm Beach County and Dade County. Please click on Service area tab to view all the cities we cover.condo_pressure_clean


Bulk Driveways.                                                                                                         Bulk Sidewalks

100 and more, 2 car driveway including walkway, $31.95 each.                        From 1000 sqft , 30 cents/sqft

100 and more, 1 car driveway including walkway, $24.95 each.                          Under 1000 sqft, 39.95 cents/sqft.

75 to 99, 2 car driveway including walkway, $39.95 each.                                   ——————————————————–

75 to 99, 1 car driveway including walkway, $29.95 each                                    Walls, call for free estimate


Roof Gutters: $99 cents linear foot.           Downspouts inside and outside: $4.95 each.

Be aware that gutters and downspouts are chemically treated to restore original appearances before the pressure cleaning. All included in the bulk price.

Walls: 25 cents/sqft up to 3 floors. 5000 sqft. minimum. And 35 cents sqft under 5000 sqft.

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